About US

Ertekin Kalıp has been founded in 1974 as lathe and mold workshop. Ertekin Kalıp has provided many services like metal shaving manufacture, manufacture of plastic and metal injection molding manufacture and forming sheet metal parts from its foundation until our day.

By its experience nearing 40 years, it has it has first of all intensified its experiences on forming sheet metal parts and metal shaving manufacture subjects.

Ertekin Kalıp has been mainly working for automotive, aviation and defense industry sectors under the services it has provided.

You can reach a solution as soon as possible in Ertekin Kalıp where technology and craftsmanship are blended.

Ertekin Kalıp has;
ISO/TS 16949:2009 Automotive Sub-industry Certificate and
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certificates.