We Shape

for 44 Years

Ertekin Kalıp which has been progressing in the automotive industry of developing Turkey based on the principle of ‘’fast and right’’, was established in 1974.

Ertekin Kalıp Fabrika

3000 m²

Indoor Area

It primarily offers service to parent and subsidiary companies of automotive, defense and white goods industry.

Leader Experience
in Mass Production of Prototype and Special Parts

We make contribution to the successes of our customers by producing products and services most appropriate for their needs and to the highest quality standards, within the direction of their expectations by establishing relationships based on the understanding of “project partnership”.

Prototype Molded Parts

We add value to our customers with our expert experience that we build up in the prototype molded parts over years.

Sheet Metal Production

Our priority is to shape the sheet metals with our almost 45 years of experience.

2D-3D Laser Cutting

Our company offers service to all sectors in 2D-3D laser cutting operations.

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