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    Ertekin Kalıp, which has been providing service to automotive and other production industries for 44 years, has been primarily specialised in prototype parts production and then has started to be involved in special parts serial production, as well.The

Ertekin Kalıp uses NX 9.0 as CAD-CAM design program and it carries out processing and machining operations of the designed moulds on C axis CNC lathes and universal lathes in 3 and 5-axis CNC turning centers.

The printing operations of parts are conducted with hydraulic and eccentric presses varying between 20 and 900 tons. The cutting operations of parts are conducted in our 5-axis laser cutting machines. The assembly and installation of parts are conducted with punto welding machines, gas arc welding machines and arc welding machines.

The quality control procedures of parts which are produced, are conducted with CMM measuring machines by means of PC-DMIS program.

Lazer Cutting Machines

MAZAK SPACE GEAR 510 II 5 Eksen (3D) 1.8 Kw CNC Lazer Cutting Machine

BYSTRONIC BYSPRINT PRO 4020 6 KW CO2 Lazer Cutting Machine

CNC Turning Centers

DECKEL MAHO 5 Eksen CNC Turning Center

DECKEL MAHO 3 Eksen CNC Turning Center

LEADWELL MCV 1000 CNC Vertical Turning Center

DMG Torna C Eksen CNC Milling

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses in the range of 150 tons – 900 tons

Eccentric Presses

Eccentric Presses in the range of 20 tons- 150 tons

Abkant Press

Baykal CNC Hydraulic Abkant Press

Universal Machines

Moulder Milling Machine

THB 200mm Bandsaw

Universal Lathe

Birlik Makine 3-Ball Cylinder

Welding Group

Gas Metal Arc Welding Machines

Punta Welding Machine

Arc Welding

Meausuring Device

DEA CMM Measuring Machine 3-Dimensional Measuring

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